Things to consider when choosing snowboard gloves and ski gloves

Ski and snowboarding are cool and fun! But a pair of poor gloves can ruin your powder day. Believe me, you don't want the experience of fingers wet with sweat, freezing in the blowing wind. Nor do you want to pull your hands out of your warm gloves because you have to use your smartphone although your fingers are freezing to death. Nor do you want to wear the bulky wrist guard outside your gloves to protect your wrist from injury although you know that makes you look like an absolute newbie. 

How do we know all of these?

Because we've been there. 

We developed devembr snow gloves with these pain points in mind. And with you, hopefully we can improve it little by little, season by season.

Snowboard & Ski Gloves with Wrist Guard (1)

Snowboard & Ski Gloves with Wrist Guard